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Litemat 4 Available Now

Litegear Litemat 4

Check out the Litegear LED LiteMat 4 Hybrid. This low profile and lightweight LED fixture pushes out almost 1100 lumens worth of soft light that is tunable to either tungsten or daylight color. Since it has a depth less than an inch it can sneak into areas other lights can’t and is battery operated so it can be rigged easier.

Illumanation Lighting & Grip has the Litegear LED LiteMat 4 Hybrid available for your next production shoot. Contact us today for your project.

  • Hybrid Kelvin Temperature

  • 95 CRI and 92 TLCI (2012)

  • Dimmable and Tungsten/Daylight Tuneable

  • Lightweight and Portable

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