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Backstage Monitor Mover Cart Available Now

We all love watching the great images lit by Illumanation at video village, but not everyone loves dealing with the stands that those monitors sit on. That’s why Illumanation Lighting & Grip has made life a little easier on set, especially for the Camera Dept (you can thank us later), by now providing a monitor cart. This is the Backstage Monitor Mover and you’ll love the features:

  • Easy to move thanks to the two 10” pneumatic wheels and two 5” swivel casters

  • Cable and light weight equipment hooks

  • Option for single and dual monitors

  • Large bottom tray for batteries or other gear

  • Drink and Cell Phone Holder

  • Adjustable riser height

This little monitor cart is great and it rides standard on our 5-ton grip and electric truck. So no more borrowing stands and sandbags from the grips. One way Illumanation can make your production run smoother. Contact us today if you have any additional questions or to book a lighting package.

Backstage Monitor Mover Cart

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