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Kino Flo Tegra Light Available Now

Illumanation Lighting & Grip now carries the Kino Flo 4-Bank Tegra lighting unit and is available for rental. Some of the key features of the Tegra include:

  • Complete Dimming Ability

  • New Barn Door Hinge Design

  • Universal Voltage Ballast

  • Remote Dimming

The Tegra uses the same T12 bulbs as the regular Kino Flo 4’ 4-Bank units, but makes setup easier by combining the ballast to the fixture. So no more carrying the header cable and ballast because its all built in. Just pull out the Tegra, place it on a stand, and plug it in.

Our unit travels in a nice rolling hard case and includes:

  • 15’ Wired Remote

  • 90° Louver

  • Half Grid Flozier

  • Daylight and Tungsten Bulbs

Contact us today about renting the Tegra or any of our other lighting packages.

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