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Truck Packages

Illumanation Lighting & Grip offers several packages to meet your production needs and to keep the schedule under budget and the shots looking beautiful. With over 20 years of experience in commercial and feature film production we have you covered. 


5-Ton Package

The newest addition to our fleet, our 5-ton grip and electric truck package can handle any size production.


3-Ton Package

Packed with a great selection of gripware to handle mounting cameras and lights to wherever your director and DP want. As well as grip gear to help shape the quality of light to get the look you need.


Along with a great selection of gripage, we’ve packed it out with a small arsenal of lights, including: HMI’s, tungstens, LEDs, and Kino Flos.


1-Ton Package

Our 1-ton grip and electric truck has been the workhorse for years meeting the demands and needs of commercial producers. Our 1-ton grip truck package is great for those small productions. Our grip and lighting gear is packed ready to roll off the truck and onto location.



Please give us a call and ask for a quote on one of our lighting and grip packages today. 

Illumanation Lighting & Grip on Lawyer Set
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