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Daytona Grip and Lighting with Jeff Gordon

Lighting and Grip in Daytona

Illumanation Lighting & Grip provides grip and lighting services to the Daytona, Florida area. Our grip trucks are less than an hour from Daytona International Speedway, making us one of the closer rental houses during race day. Whether its green screen work, sit down interviews, or run and gun type of shooting, we have the professional lights, gear, and crew to handle it.


We are also available for commercial and industrial video productions throughout the city of Daytona. Our lighting packages include a great selection of tungsten, HMI’s, LED lights, and Kino Flo with options for power and distribution.


Whatever your production needs, Illumanation has several grip and lighting truck packages available. Please feel free to contact us to book your Daytona grip and electric truck, as well as experienced crew.

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